Melissa Sarakinis

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Melissa Sarakinis
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
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Project Overview

Elevate Melissa Sarakinis' exclusive wellness training services by creating a sophisticated luxury brand. Develop a comprehensive brand system with precise guidelines, ensuring a seamless and premium visual identity across all elements. Design essential print assets including letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and a polished pocket folder, harmonizing aesthetics to convey exclusivity and wellness. Conduct thorough research to identify optimal printing solutions for the letterhead, envelope, and pocket folder, and coordinate the production process to maintain the highest standards of quality.

What we did

  • Curated mood boards for varied brand styles
  • Developed brand archetypes and expanded brand narrative
  • Selected images, defined brand palette, and created brand patterns
  • Designed diverse stationery for immediate client use
  • Coordinated printing of stationery for consistent quality
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Project outcome

A strategic reimagining of Melissa's brand resulted in a refined visual consistency that harmoniously aligns with the exclusive and luxurious essence of her services. This transformation not only enhanced the overall brand identity but also contributed to a notable increase in the engagement of the targeted customer demographic actively seeking these premium services.