OC Transpo

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OC Transpo
Character Design, Storyboarding
Procreate, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects
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Project Overview

Envision and create a vibrant and captivating animated advertisement for OC Transpo to effectively communicate their initiative: children aged 12 and under now ride for free. Through this visually appealing concept, we aimed to engage the public and convey this exciting news in a manner that is both informative and enjoyable, fostering positive awareness of the new program.

What we did

  • Collaborated with writers for a lively and engaging song
  • Executed character design for children, adults, and an owl mascot
  • Combined illustration and video footage for efficient storyboarding
  • Worked closely with a contract animator to ensure a seamless workflow
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Project outcome

The 2D animated and live-action PSA crafted for OC Transpo not only effectively disseminated information about their initiative but also unveiled a more lighthearted and enjoyable aspect of the organization. This successful project not only achieved its immediate awareness goals but also laid the foundation for upcoming animated endeavors, promising continuity in both visual style and thematic approach inspired by the success of this initiative.