Mix App

Personal project
Branding Identity, UI/UX
Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe XD
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Project Overview

Craft a revolutionary dating app that seamlessly unites diverse cultures, ethnicities, and social backgrounds through inclusive and respectful conversational interfaces. Enable users to forge meaningful connections across borders, fostering mutual understanding and cultural appreciation with every swipe.

What we did

  • Conducted thorough visual and user research, analyzing competitors in-depth
  • Compiled a comprehensive report summarizing research findings
  • Formulated a detailed app design brief outlining key objectives
  • Defined brand personality, goals, messaging, and standards
  • Crafted visually impactful brand elements
  • Utilized Adobe XD to prototype the app for enhanced user experience
  • Animated the brand logo to elevate visual engagement

Project outcome

Mix served as a captivating and enjoyable exploration, pushing the boundaries in the realm of dating app design. This experiment seamlessly fused UI/UX expertise with a compelling visual brand, igniting our enthusiasm for future projects of similar nature. Among a myriad of concepts, Mix stands out as a pioneering idea that challenges the norm by prioritizing personal connection over mere physical attraction—a rarity in the current landscape of dating apps.